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I'm Laura, a third generation artisan currently living near Denver, Colorado. I design, make, photograph and ship all of the items for sale in my shop.

"Heart in Hawaii" was established in 2006; a serendipitous result of my first visit to the islands. A nature lover, I was inspired by the amazing flowers, and happy to be the first to design, create and offer a unique alternative to the foam/plastic plumeria flowers so commonly seen.

 I left my heart in Hawaii...

After visiting Hawaii I was forever changed. Like many who visit, I have been strongly influenced by the incredible beauty and allure of these enchanting islands and their wonderful people and aloha spirit. I have great passion and respect for all things Hawaiian, and love reading about Hawaiian and Polynesian history, mythology and culture.

Artist Bio:

I have always loved to design and make things. As a third generation artisan, I was exposed to countless crafts growing up from fiber arts to pottery. I received my first beading loom around age 9 and started making bracelets with seed beads. I then began off-loom netted beading around marbles and found objects. As a teenager, I focused mainly on music and spent a lot of time in the darkroom printing photos.

I began beading again in the early 2000's when I was preparing jewelry for my own wedding and have been creating ever since. I started focusing on beading flowers in 2005, after visiting the beautiful island of Maui. I fell in love with the island and like many others who visit, truly felt as though I had left my heart there...

I started selling online in 2008. In May 2010 my flowers were featured in print by BRIDES Magazine! (June, 2010 issue, p. 215)

Each of my larger plumeria flowers takes over 4 hours to create! A lot of love (and over 700 beads) go into each heirloom quality flower. After spending a decade making improvements and adaptations; I have achieved a level of quality satisfaction which enables me to fully guarantee each and every flower I sell.

Although I expanded to creating smaller, beaded botanical jewelry items, I still have the originals available, as well as other items such as pea pods and beaded river rocks.

The craftsmanship is guaranteed for every item I sell. If it breaks, I fix it. (still waiting to take someone up on that offer!) :)