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Hi! I'm Laura, a third generation artisan currently living near Denver, Colorado. I've been designing, making, photographing and shipping all of the items available here for about 15 years now!

"Heart in Hawaii" was established in 2006; a serendipitous result of my first visit to the islands. A nature lover, I was inspired by the amazing flowers, and happy to be the first to design, create and offer a unique alternative to the foam/plastic plumeria flowers so commonly seen. The artist in me was intensely inspired by this worldly, historic and symbolic flower. I have since devoted 15 years to  creating from such inspiration.

"Temple Tree" was established in early 2020; a result of my expansion into sacred geometry and mandala inspired designs. I felt this name encompassed the heart of my previous works with forward space to "branch" out, also utilizing ancient global influences with modern aesthetics.


 I left my heart in Hawaii...

After visiting Hawaii I was forever changed. Like many who visit, I have been strongly influenced by the incredible beauty and allure of these enchanting islands and their wonderful people and aloha spirit. I have great passion and respect for all things Hawaiian, and love reading about Hawaiian and Polynesian history, mythology and culture. I have since been lucky enough to explore all the main islands but Moloka'i, and return whenever possible. After each trip I compile a pleasing arrangement of the many photos taken. Until they are posted here on my site, visit:

Artist Bio:

I have always loved to design and make things. As a third generation artisan, I was exposed to countless crafts growing up from fiber arts to pottery. I received my first beading loom around age 9 and started making bracelets with seed beads. I then began off-loom netted beading around marbles and found objects. As a teenager, I focused mainly on music and spent a lot of time in the darkroom printing photos.

I rediscovered beading in 2002 and began devoting more and more time and focus to my hobby. 

I started creating plumeria flowers in 2005, after visiting the beautiful island of Maui. I fell in love with the island and like many others who visit, truly felt as though I had left my heart there...

My pineapples and Maui Dragonflies were created in 2006 and I began selling a few locally.

I started selling online in 2008. In May 2010 my flowers were featured in print by BRIDES Magazine! (June, 2010 issue, p. 215)

After leaving a previous job where I spent 15 years, the following decade was spent in near solitude, intensely learning. I studied with weeks, months and sometimes years (in the case of peyote stitch) experimenting with a single stitching or weaving technique: discovering it's possibilities and potentials alone and in combination with other stitches, knots, as well as different shapes and sizes of beads. I eventually ended up taking an inclination towards advanced 3D and shaped beadwork. Although designing each piece can be a challenging, time consuming process requiring tens up to hundreds of prototypes with modifications along the way to contentment, I found I really enjoyed the challenge and focus involved. It was cathartic, meditative, and it became easier the more I worked at it. Almost two decades of persistence later, I'm finally confident in my decision to pursue, express myself through, and master this craft in my own unique way.


Although my work has been very well received online, and my website highly trafficked; authentic interest in my beadwoven creations has been virtually non-existent, to the point where the only pieces I have sold were shipped to people who reverse engineered my patterns and posted them online as their own. Many have implied, or outright demanded, that the only way they can appreciate my work is by teaching them how to make it themselves. On that note, I have decided to halt posting any further work online while I broaden my artistic horizons, learn new skills, and alternately explore more corporeal, constructive and traditional avenues of artistic expression and collaboration...


When I'm not creating, I enjoy cycling, taking nature photos, listening to (mostly) electronic music, flying my Mavic Mini, reading, and looking for interesting rocks and crystals in and near the South Platte riverbed. I live in a cute house with my husband, 4 cats, and many happy houseplants between a notoriously haunted road and the South Platte in historic Adams County, Colorado.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and my work.

All the best,