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bamboo and curio woven bracelets

beaded plumeria brooches by Heart in Hawaii

Beadwoven Hexagon Mandala Jewelry

beadwoven lanyards by Temple Tree

beadwoven plumeria flower jewelry

beadwoven sunflowers by Heart in Hawaii

Boho Glass Bead Caterpillar Weave Jewelry

Dharma Wheel Beaded Mandala Earrings

Flower of Life and Seed of Life

Heart in Hawaii Beaded Leaves, Vines and Cactus

Heart in Hawaii Petal Drop Earrings

Heart in Hawaii pineapples

Heart in Hawaii plumeria hair accessories

Heart in Hawaii tiny plumeria charms

hibiscus flower jewelry by Heart in Hawaii

Kahiko wirewrap jewelry by Heart in Hawaii

makalapua quatrefoil pins

Mandala Flowers by Temple Tree

Mandala Quatrefoils by Temple Tree

Pendulum Dangle Earrings

starfish jewelry by Heart in Hawaii

temple collections :: galactic

temple collections :: Lost Circuitry

temple collections :: Persephone